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“France Football” publishes the 10 talents that were lost, leads Cassano – Latest News

February 11, 2021 – 00:23


Can we call talent wasted a player who has scored around 150 goals in his career, won a La Liga, a Serie A and two Italian Super Cups? What if the name is Antonio Cassano, who could have given so much more to world football.

This is at least what “France Football” thinks, the French sports magazine that invented the “Golden Ball” and still gives it every year. She has compiled a ranking of the ten most wasted talents in football history. According to the French magazine, these players could have given much more but, on the contrary, they have had a mixed career. Antonio Cassano is in first place.

“France Football” reminds the former equal talent of Real Madrid’s failed chance, quarrels with Capello, etc. Mention is also made of a passage from Totti’s autobiography, which defines Cassano as the strongest player he has ever played with.

In second place of this special ranking is another old acquaintance of Serie A, Paul Gascoigne. In third place is Stan Bowles, the record holder for appearances with QPR in the 1970s.

In this classification there are also other former Serie A players, such as Andry van der Meyde and Adriano Leite Ribeiro.

List of 10 best talents, wasted, according to “France Football”

1. Antonio Cassano

2. Paul Gascoigne

3. Stan Bowles

4. Antonio Valentin Angelillo

5. Dimitar Berbatov

6. Rashidi Yekini

7. Mario Basler

8. Nicolas Anelka

9. Andy Van der Meyde

10. Adriano

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