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Gjeloshaj: We are being discriminated against by the Government, the decision is political – Latest News

Gjeloshaj: We are being discriminated against by the Government, the decision is political

The mayor of Tuz, Montenegro, Nik Gjeloshaj, told Klan Kosova that he does not agree with the decision of the Government there to close the economy of this municipality as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that today he went out with the citizens in front of the police, who had gone there to close the premises.

“I asked them to argue why these measures were imposed on us, they totally ignored me, they did not respond to me. I invited them to the meeting, even then they did not come and we agreed to open the premises today “.

“Then the Government of Montenegro started the police and tried to close the premises, but we did not allow them to appear in front of them. “Some owners have been arrested and are still being held there, so we decided to block the international route and invite them to dialogue to resolve this issue.”

“The Institute of Health built the signs based on the infection, while we are constantly in the green area for two or three months that we have kept the situation under control, while they brought a discriminatory decision to our municipality to close our economy, for which “We did not agree.”

“If there are arguments related to public health, we are ready to cooperate. “But knowing which group we are in based on the analysis of the Institute of Public Health, we should not have closed.”

According to Gjeloshaj, this decision has a political background and that the Government has taken it as a sign of revenge against the Albanians of Tuz.

“I have a dilemma that this was born after what on the day of Kosovo’s Independence we have as a tradition to place projectors in the municipal building of projectors of our home countries and our friendly countries, which symbolize the dates of citizenship.”

“Montenegro has recognized the citizenship of Kosovo and the Prime Minister should not wish them Independence Day, for us it is illogical, and that is where the Government’s friction towards us started.”

“However, today we had a meeting with President Abazovic and the Minister of Health, but their reasoning had no basis, they did not convince me because there was no logic. Our arguments have been much better than theirs and in the end we have come to the conclusion that in 48 hours the Government should reconsider the measures and bring new measures regarding Tuz. We have agreed not to work tomorrow and to give space for the measures to be reviewed for 48 hours “, said the mayor Gjeloshaj.

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