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GRANDMA PERSIDE IS NOT OVER WEDNESDAY! She was in mattress for days, so she disappeared in useless! FAMILY PRAYS FOR HELP!

How is it for Telegraph said Persida’s neighbor, every trace of her grandmother has been lost since Wednesday, at 2 pm, and her disappearance was reported four days ago.

She was not demented, she was very mobile. However, before she disappeared, she did not get out of bed for four or five days.

Persida lived alone, she says, on a hill above the village. She has two sons who came to visit her and bring her supplies.

They live in the village itself, they visited it every day. When one of them came on Wednesday, he did not find her – the neighbor explained.

If anyone notices Grandma Persida or finds out any information about her, call 064 34 20 399 or the nearest police station.

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