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Greener leads the United States to a gold medal game with a 79-59 victory against Serbia – News-Herald

Shortly after an American woman left Serbia to win the Olympic gold medal, members of the Japanese Army Honor Guard began to practice medal-giving.
The United States already knows the training.
Brittney Griner had 15 points and 12 rebounds to help the Americans beat the Serbs 79-59 and advance to the title game on Friday.
“That’s exactly what we want,” said Breanna Stewart, who double-doubled with 12 points and 10 rebounds. “Everything is going well. I will do everything I can to get home with my money.”
The Americans won gold medals seven times in a row, comparable to the American men’s team, which won the Olympic title seven times in a row from 1936 to 1968.
Sue Bird and Diana Torashi are also awarded five gold medals. This is the most medals ever won by an Olympic basketball player. The Americans will meet Japan on Sunday. The team played in the qualifying round and the United States won 86-69. Japan beat France in the semifinals 87:71, making the host country their first ever medal in women’s basketball.
“Everyone here wants to win a gold medal for us, for us, for everyone who started this streak that brought us here. I think, ”said Grinner. “There are a lot of reasons why we want to win this gold medal so I think we’ll see really good basketball in the gold medal game.”
The US were shocked when Taurashi, who looked distorted after the collision and rubbed his left hip, left the game in the middle of the third quarter. Ed Ryan, an American trainer, spoke to Taurashi when he went to the bench, but she didn’t come back. Taurashi missed three exhibition games in Las Vegas with his hip pointer, but they seemed to work well during the break.
“Yeah, I’ve been struggling with this hip thing for a while, so it’s a little annoying,” Taurashi said. “fine.”
The United States, beating both France and Japan in the game of billiards, won 54 consecutive Olympics going back to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics semifinals.
The Americans have made another strong start in two games in a row. In the following 4: 3 they systematically completed 20-4 runs and took control in the berth of the gold medal game on the line. Greiner had four points in one possession. After the foul was upgraded to a slightly less athletic man, she hit two free throws and recorded a cut in the basket with a spot-on pass from Stewart, with the Americans leading 25:12 in succession.
Neither team did very well in the first few minutes of the second quarter as they had more misses and ball losses than points. Serbia have reduced their gap to nine points after Yvonne Anderson, who played in Texas and became a Serbian citizen last year to play in the Olympics. She finished with the team’s top 15 points.
The United States scored the following nine points. It started with A’ja Wilson’s three-point game, which was 41:23 at halftime. Reed rose to 23 points early in the third quarter and later reduced the deficit to 14 points in the period before Serbia’s reserves began to shrink. The Americans scored the last 5 points to end the game.
Serbia rested the starter after around 24 hours in a game for bronze for most of the second half. The country won the bronze medal in Rio in 2016.
“When we have the last chance for a medal, there is no doubt who wants more medals and who is more hungry,” said the Serbian trainer Marina Markovich.
Serbia only had a chance to warm up 25 minutes before the game. Traffic delayed the team’s arrival, and NBC Spidercam hovering in the square cut the cable about 40 minutes before the chip.
“It was definitely premature for these problems to arise,” said Anderson. “What can you do? We are an hour away and in traffic. I went out but there was a problem with the camera. In the end you were given We have to take things. We were already facing a difficult battle.”
Serbia shot just 30% out of the field, including 15 out of 19 3-point attempts.

Greener leads the US to a gold medal game with a 79-59 win over Serbia – News-Herald

Source link Greener leads the United States to a gold medal game with a 79-59 win over Serbia – News-Herald

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