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Gundogan donates Champions League bonus to childhood club – Latest News

Gundogan donates the Champions League bonus to the childhood club

June 09, 2021 – 00:04


Ilkay Gundogan does not forget where he came from and makes a big gesture for the club where he spent 10 years of his childhood.

The Manchester City midfielder has decided to donate his bonus for reaching the Champions League final for Hessler 06.

It is about 300 thousand euros, which will go to build a field with artificial grass for the German club.

“We are very attached to the club as we have spent much of our childhood here. When Ilkay heard that many children were leaving because there was no artificial turf pitch, he was hit hard,” said Gundogan’s uncle and manager.

Authorities in Gelsenkirchen will contribute 350,000 euros to carry out the Hessler 06 project.

“Without Ilkay, we would not be able to start this project,” said club president Rainer Konietzka.

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