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Haradinaj says that AAK is the favorite for local elections – Latest News

Haradinaj says that the AAK is the favorite for the local elections

The head of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, says that his party is the favorite for the local elections that will be held in October this year.

Haradinaj in Rubikon announced that the work for the local elections has already started in the party, reports Klan Kosova.

“We have started the work for the municipal elections in our six branches and we will hold internal elections. “The situation with the pandemic is a problem now, but we will find a way to keep them.”

“In part we already know the candidacies in Deçan is Bashkim Ramosaj, in Junik is Agron Kuqi, in Gjakova is Ardian Gjini, in Klina is Zenun Elezi, in Rahovec is Smajl Lafiti, in Suhareka is Bali Muharremaj, all of them are hardworking people and we will continue with them “, said Haradinaj.

“We are preparing a serious race in Obiliq after the departure of Xhafer Gashi.”

“The alliance enters as a favorite in the local elections. We are the change in local government and what the citizens did not feel at the central level they felt at us at the local level. We have some municipalities that we are the favorites, while for others there are opportunities for coalitions “.

Haradinaj further indicated that Daut Haradinaj for Prishtina and Besnik Tahiri for Podujeva are the favorites to win the elections in these municipalities.

The leader of AAK, among other things, indicated that he has thought of running for assembly member in the municipality of Prishtina.

“I also offered myself as an assembly member but it was a wish that I did not do that.”

“I wanted to be in the assembly of Prishtina more and I did not bother to go and sit as an assembly member and listen to the topics of the capital.”

“I have not decided and I did not foresee but I have evaluated this”, said Haradinaj.

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