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Haxhiu for Besnik Bislimi’s nephew: He told me that in the last 50 years he has met him maybe once – Latest News

Haxhiu for Besnik Bislimi's nephew: He told me that in the last 50 years he has met him maybe once

The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu said that she asked the Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislim what family relationship he has with Gëzim Tosuni who is expected to monitor the work of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

Haxhiu announced that Bislimi has told him that in the last 50 years he has probably met him once.

“I asked him out of curiosity and he said that maybe in the last 50 years I have probably met him once. “I do not remember what he has,” she told Kanal10.

We recall that Gëzim Tosuni, the nephew of Besnik Bisilimi, has been nominated for a CSC member by the government, in which his uncle holds the second most important position.

For a vote in favor of Tosun’s proposal – the former Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Public University of Gjilan – his uncle, Besnik Bislimi, the second man in government, also raised his hand.

Days ago, Gëzim Tosuni said that he has family ties with Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi, through an explanation that “we meet each other”.

“We have family ties, in the sense that we in Kosovo are almost always somewhere – we meet each other. You find it [lidhjen familjare [v.j], that information from where you were informed; “I am not ashamed, I do not need to hide,” said Tosuni.

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