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He did not check his wife, the Kosovar beats the doctor – Latest news

He did not control his wife, the Kosovar beat the doctor Photo: illustrative

Yesterday in the Family Medicine Center in Istog, there was an incident, reports Zeri.info.

The doctor of this MFMC did not provide medical assistance to the female victim after he had completed his working hours.

But, as a result of this dispute, the woman and the man attacked the doctor.

It is reported that the Kosovar male suspect until he sent the Kosovar female victim his wife to QKMF Istog has come to a dispute with the Kosovar male suspect (doctor), who had not provided medical assistance to the victim as he has completed working hours. “As a result of the dispute, there was an attack by the two suspects on the doctor”, announces the KP.

The event is seen to have happened at 15:00.

The three suspects were arrested and with the decision of the prosecutor after the interview were released in due process. / Voice

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