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He was enjoying himself in the bathtub on the balcony, how did Genta escape without falling?

Singer Genta Ismaili has recently surprised quite a lot with the successive changes she has made in appearance.

She was definitely commented by her fans and everywhere in the pink media, becoming the most talked about character.

Genta since the beginning of her career has been known for the energy and courage that has accompanied her today, so she is still active on stage where many projects are expected from her.

The Kosovar singer, as it is known, is already living a luxurious life with the Turks, she has some unforgettable moments that she has experienced.

One of the moments is also this in this video, where Genta is seen on the top floor of the building enjoying in the bathtub.

It is strange how he found all this courage and saved it without falling.

Fat pra./Kosovarja/

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