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HUMAN PEOPLE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE FOR A FOUR-FAMILY FAMILY! The Djokics stay in a dilapidated home and not using a toilet

Neighbors, friends and relatives have only words of praise for the Đokić family. A good, honest, hardworking and honest family that does not deserve to live in such bad conditions. That is why the “Human Heart” Foundation from Sabac and the Markovic family decided to help them and make them a dream home.

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Djokic literally lives in one room and they all sleep together on one bed
Milan Markovic

This is not the first time that Milan Markovic and his wife Milena, who are the owners of the ethno-household “Mala Reka”, help people.
– Djokic literally lives in one room and they all sleep together on one bed. Worst of all, in that dilapidated, almost ruined house almost a century old, they don’t even have a bathroom – Milan tells us and adds:
– One day my phone rang, the director of “Human Heart” Ruzica Popovic, whom I have known for a long time, called me. She told me about the Đokić family, which they have been helping since 2014 by sending them food and clothes, about the inhumane conditions in which they live, poverty … And then suddenly she told me “Milan, let’s make them a house!” Soon after, we started construction. We have been working for a month now, we mostly receive the material as a gift from the local warehouses, and I must say that all the entrepreneurs I turned to for help and donation came out to meet us. Next week, God bless you, we will concrete the slab, and then we will have the interior work. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is enough to see the smiles on their faces and forget all the difficulties.

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As he says, the boys Ivan and Nikola help the workers on the construction site.
– They are wonderful children! They are overjoyed that they will finally get their dream home, as they deserve. Not only will they now have a bathroom, which they are most looking forward to, but they will also get their own room. Their new home will be very nice and functional. Djokici will soon become the owners of a house of about 70 square meters, which will have two bedrooms and a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Of course, help is always welcome and I call on all people of good will to help this family that deserves it – Milan mentioned.



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