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Hundreds of citizens from the diaspora are denied voting – Latest News

Hundreds of citizens from the diaspora are denied voting

He has been living in the Belgian capital, Brussels, for ten years, but Ardian Mripa continues to be closely associated with Kosovo. The 35-year-old, originally from Mitrovica, holds dual citizenship and was enthusiastic about voting in the February 14th snap parliamentary elections.

“I have Kosovo documents and when I applied by e-mail I attached the required documents,” Mripa said in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

He then says that he has not received any more calls or e-mails from the Central Election Commission (CEC).

“I have complained twice to the ECAP (Election Complaints and Appeals Panel), but they have never responded to me,” Mripa said.

Similarly, Arlind Alidema, who has lived in New York for three years, says he was not included in the final voter list, despite meeting all the criteria.

Alidema, 25, who had gone to the US for a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, criticizes Kosovo’s institutions for irresponsibility.

“After the final list of voters was announced, I saw that the deadline for appealing to the ECAP was only 24 hours. But when I saw the announcement I had only two hours left to complain. In the meantime, another notification was published by the ECAP that they do not receive complaints via e-mail, but only by mail. “If I had done this, my complaint would not have arrived until two days before the elections”, says Alidemaj.

According to him, this situation demotivates all those who want to vote.

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