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RWC “Prishtina” sends to the bailiff about 1 thousand people who have not paid the costs for water

The Regional Water Company “Prishtina” sh.a., has said that in addition to easing the criteria for debt programming requires customers to meet their financial obligation to pay regular monthly bills for water consumption.

To fulfill this mission successfully and to provide a stable supply of drinking and quality water, of course, maximum commitment is required and there are high costs in water treatment and maintenance of the water supply network on an ongoing basis.

RWC “Prishtina” sh.a. has started with the proceeding of debtor customers in enforcement proceedings to private bailiffs (this applies to customers with debts over 100 euros).

For one month (January-February 2021) about 1000 cases of debtors were sent to the Private Bailiff (mainly the business sector), in which case the law office is constantly preparing other cases for enforcement proceedings.

Initiating this procedure through Private Bailiffs would create additional costs for you and make it more difficult to fulfill your obligation by paying the additional fee.

Prishtina Water Supply is one of the last institutions that is dealing with sending cases to the Bailiff, because we had consideration for the pandemic period.

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