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I do know concerning the resolution of “Geox” to depart Serbia, we won’t go away Vranje within the lurch

Aleksandar Vučić reminded TV Pink that “Geox” was brought to Serbia by the previous government, former president Boris Tadić, and that the later government paid the promised money, adding that he would do it again because it brought life to Vranje.

“They are leaving and there will be more cases with other companies with which the authorities got an agreement earlier, and that could have happened to us as well,” Vucic pointed out.

Vučić said that a solution for 500 people out of 1,200 employees would be found immediately, “with friends from Turkey”. He said it would be seen then to increase that number and hire even more people.

“We will not leave Vranje in the lurch. We will do everything that the people of Vranje can have a job with a higher income from friends from Turkey than they had from the Italians,” Vucic added.

He pointed out that in the sea of ​​bad news, that is good news for the people of Vranje.

He reiterated that former President Tadic boasted that he was responsible for the arrival of “Geox”, and added that he would do the same, and that he did not think that his predecessor was to blame.

“We have invested for years and secured life in Vranje, and we will continue to do so. It is a fair approach, and everything else is politicking and pathological political hatred that has no end,” Vucic pointed out regarding criticism of his departure on the occasion of Geox’s departure.

“In a year or two I believe we will have no boundaries”

President Vučić stated that he believes that in Skopje creates future within “mini Schengen” initiative and that in a year or two we will have no boundaries. He added that the next meeting within the regional initiative will be held in Belgrade, and that by October 15, the ministers will have to fulfill certain obligations regarding the agreement from Skopje.

Vučić said that in that way, trucks will be able to pass freely, but also cars.

“It seems to me that we have achieved something we dreamed of and we will do it ourselves,” said Vucic.

He says that will mean that we will be able to go to Greece without borders.

The decision on Rio Tinto on citizens

Vučić reiterated that the Rio Tinto project will be decided by the citizens, and that no decision will be made without them, but the authorities will try to explain the benefits of the project, unlike those who, as he says, are financed from outside. development of Serbia.

Vučić said that the project is good for the next 50 years.

He states that only 110,000 people live in Podrinje, and in the wider region.

“The Podrinje region is being emptied, everything is going to Novi Sad and Belgrade, because they don’t have a job and they don’t see a future,” Vucic stated.

He states that Rio Tinto is ready to invest 2.4 billion euros just to start exploitation.

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