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If you have bad writing, then you are a good person

Do you have bad calligraphy?

It means you are special!

One study revealed an unexpected conclusion that immediately went viral on social media.

Who has a bad calligraphy is smarter, a recent study reveals.

If you are in this category and feel uncomfortable with your “ugly” writing, consider yourself lucky because this American study found that those in this category have an above average intelligence.

We find out why!

The study took place in the United States and revealed an unexpected conclusion that immediately became vital to social media.

It is true that spelling and calligraphy are important features of writing as well as aesthetics, which is why many feel concerned about their hasty and non-existent way of writing.

But now you can stop doing it because study has found that you are smarter.

Researchers show that people who write in a confused, hurried, and messy manner have a higher level of intelligence (IQ) than other people, especially those who have been praised for their fine writing.

The study was published in the American Journal of Psychology where it was noted that those with poor writing usually give priority to the information they are processing rather than how to write.

Moreover, researchers found that your brain works at a higher speed than your hands, many tend to write cuts for this reason.

In this study participated children who performed several exercises, the hypotheses of the researchers were confirmed.

In short, from now on, if someone teases you about your bad calligraphy, you have a new way to defend yourself: talk to them about this study!

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