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BAD NEWS FROM MARCH 15! Nedeljko Todorović revealed what sort of climate awaits us till the top of the month!

As meteorologist Nedeljko Todorović said, today is the coldest day in March, and a little warmer weather is expected during the day from tomorrow, when a further rise in temperature would follow from Friday, March 12.

From Monday, March 15, the temperature dropped again.

– Tomorrow in the morning frost from minus five to minus one degree, and during the day a little warmer. Warmer until Sunday, and the warmest day on Sunday, with a maximum temperature of 12 to 17 degrees – says Todorovic.

From Friday, there will be frequent clouds with rain, and from Monday, the temperature will drop again, so that at the end of the next week, there would be short-term light snow in some parts, even in the lower areas.

Todorović states that the temperatures from the end of March will be over 20 degrees, and that there will be no baskets.

“Kosava has finished the season,” he says.

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