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IMPORTANT FOR THOSE WHO TRAVEL TO NIŠ, visitors regime modified as a consequence of works

The traffic in the direction of Nis takes place in the overtaking lane of the right lane of the highway, as well as in the overtaking lane in the opposite direction Nis-Belgrade, while the traffic in the direction of Belgrade takes place in the stop and driving lane, the Roads of Serbia announced.

From the Bypass around Belgrade, the passage under the underpass under the highway is closed for traffic, so the traffic from the Bypass around Belgrade, in the direction of Belgrade, takes place through the Transped loop.

Poreč bridge-Klokočevac, until November 1, works on the rehabilitation of the road, with alternating passing of vehicles, with traffic lights.

On the highway E-70, loop “Sremska Mitrovica” – loop “Ruma” (left road), near the loop “Ruma”, since yesterday, works in the dividing zone on increased maintenance. The traffic takes place in the traffic lane, direction Belgrade – Sid. The planned deadline for completion of works is June 26.

Composition Reka – Strezimirovce, from today to June 25, from 7 am to 5 pm, works on changing the road, with alternately passing vehicles at traffic lights.

There are no vehicle detentions at toll stations on highways in the Republic of Serbia.

According to the information of the Border Police Administration at 7.30 am, at the border crossings Sid and Kelebija, the delay at the exit is 60 minutes for cargo motor vehicles, 180 minutes for Horgos,

Gradini 120 minutes, Batrovci 300 minutes.

At other border crossings there is no longer delay for all categories of vehicles.

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