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In Presevo, everyone is aiming for power – Latest News

In Presevo, everyone is aiming for power

The Alternative for Change party, led by the current mayor, Shqiprim Arifi, won a landslide victory in the early local elections in Presevo.

However, judging by the messages sent by the Albanian opposition parties given during the election campaign, Arif’s party has lost power in this municipality, which is located in the south of Serbia.

The five Albanian opposition parties, with different ideological orientations, “united” in order to remove from power the Alternative for Change and its leader Shqiprim Arifi from the position of mayor of Presevo, a municipality where the population is predominantly Albanian.

Arifi was backed only by the so-called Serb List, a coalition of Serb parties gathered around Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

However, after the March 28th elections, the five Albanian opposition parties, which competed together, won a majority of 38 seats in the local Assembly.

According to data received by Radio Free Europe from the Municipal Election Commission, in the early local elections in Presevo, out of 18,254 voters who voted, most of them chose the political option that has been in power so far.

The Alternative for Change, led by Shqiprim Arifi, won 6,020 votes and 14 municipal seats.

On the other hand, Ragmi Mustafa’s Albanian Democratic Party won 4,173 votes or nine seats; MP Shaip Kamberi’s Party for Democratic Action 3,336 votes or seven seats; The Reform Movement led by Sami Salihu received 2,545 votes or five seats, the Democratic Union of Albanians by Naser Aziri 441 votes and one term. The Albanian Democratic Alternative did not cross the threshold.

The Serbian List won 1,222 votes or two seats.

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