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Infectious disease specialist Pipero confesses: This is why I got infected after receiving the Pfizer vaccine – Latest News

Infectious disease specialist Pipero confesses: This is why I got infected after receiving the Pfizer vaccine

Two weeks after receiving the first dose of the vaccine, surprisingly, the well-known infectious disease doctor Pëllumb Pipero, tested positive for Sars-Cov-2.

In a story for Top Story, he considers the most difficult battle to face covid 19. Doctor Pipero is the only case infected in our country, after he made the first dose of anticovid vaccine.

“It was one of the toughest battles of my life. Those questions posikur, posikur? All the more so as this disease still has many unknowns. I passed the disease at home with medications that can be applied at home with the help of nurses because part of the treatment was with injections, especially those that in the language of the people are called blood thinners “said the infectious disease specialist, Pëllumb Pipero.

Although he went through a mild to moderate form of the disease and the most severe symptom was affecting up to 35% of the lungs, he confesses that the real and most difficult challenge was coping with anxiety, for which he received specific therapy.

“It is not easy to find the secret of fighting stress, I personally did not find it, I had a week of anxiety and insomnia, generally we recommend sedatives to all patients, both myself and my colleagues recommended me. It is necessary to treat insomnia and anxiety, so we should not be afraid to treat it because it is necessary to sleep as long and calm as possible during this period. Anxiety does not go away with words but it must be treated “said Pëllumb Pipero, Infectionist.

For him, the disease appeared at a completely unexpected moment, but he considers himself lucky to have made the first dose of the vaccine, which had started the production of antibodies. While currently waiting to receive the second dose of the vaccine.

“I was very surprised that we had passed more than 1 year from the beginning of the pandemic, I was lucky to be uninfected and I managed to get vaccinated and after 2 weeks I tested positive with Covid -19, I believe thanks to her I passed it easier because the production of antibodies that are stimulated by the vaccine even though it was the first dose “said the infectious disease specialist, Pëllumb Pipero.

21 days after he was infected, yesterday he wore the white shirt for the first time to return to the ward, a return which will be complete only next week. But the return for him was not at all pleasant, referring to the high numbers of infected and hospitalized, including fatal cases among young people. Covid hospitals are heading towards capacity depletion, while the Ministry of Health yesterday activated the first scenario including regional hospitals in the treatment of covid.

“Young people have started to respond worse because they do hyperimmune, they are stronger and more immune. Recent studies show that these immune antibodies that enable the body to make an autoimmune disease in itself and respond more wildly, this is typical at a young age and I hope that the end of April will find us with a very limited number of infections, “said Pellumb Pipero , Infectionist.

According to Piperos, the hopes are on vaccination and natural immunity, which according to him, will lead us to the end of the pandemic. But for this we have to wait for the end of 2021. After this personal battle, he has a tip for all those infected by covid.

“Not to go from one doctor to another because it is not the same, it is one thing to start the disease from the beginning and another thing to start with someone and end it with someone else, so we do not benefit but lose” said the infectionist, Pëllumb Pipero. /top channel

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