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It is revealed why Capital-T’s photo with Nevina Shtylla came, what was hidden behind it?

Renowned rapper Capital-T a few days ago posted a photo on his Instagram account where he made a big fuss.

He posted a photo with the well-known Albanian moderator Nevina Shtylla.

That’s how everyone should have thought that there was already something between them, but apparently this is not true, writes “Kosovarja”.

Today the rapper has published his latest song where the clip was in collaboration with the moderator in question.

This was the reason why they had posted a photo together, but meanwhile the caption next to the photo was a big question mark for everyone “Smile” was the caption on the photo, and so is the title of the song that the rapper has already published.

This song apparently was the answer to all the questions that arose after this photo. / Kosovarja /

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