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Italy – Spain and England – Denmark, the schedule of the semifinal matches in “Euro 2020” – Latest News

Italy - Spain and England - Denmark, schedule of semi-final matches in

July 03, 2021 – 23:41

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Tonight (Saturday) the semi-final pairs in the European Championship “Euro 2020” are completed, writes Zeri.info.

Denmark defeated the Czech Republic 2-1 in the quarterfinals, while England declared Ukraine 4-0.

Thus, these two national teams joined Spain and Italy in the semifinals.

The first semifinal takes place between Italy and Spain on July 6 at 21:00.

The second semifinal between England and Denmark takes place on July 7 from 21:00 as well.

Both matches take place at “Wembley” in London, as well as the grand final on July 11. /Zeri.info

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