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KHMI talks about how long the snowfall in the country will last – Latest News

KHMI talks about how long the snowfall in the country will last

During today, the snowfall covered almost the whole country as we are only 11 days away from March 21, which is also the day of the spring season.

But whether there will be snow in the coming days in the Special Edition in Klan Kosova spoke Besim Aliu from the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo.

Aliu said that there will be snowfall next week, reports Klan Kosova.

“During the following days we will not have rain, during tonight we will have clearings which will affect the reduction of temperatures during the night while the temperatures during tomorrow morning will be around -4 and -5 degrees Celsius while during the day it will to have a gradual increase of thermal fields ”.

“Until the weekend, it is not expected to have any more precipitation, but from March 15, it is predicted that there will be dense clouds over our country, which will reduce the atmospheric pressure, which will create conditions for new precipitation.”

“It is forecasted to have rain and snow again, while in high mountainous areas it is forecasted to have only snow,” said Aliu.
Ali, among other things, indicated that even when temperatures are forecast to rise.

“After March 15 to March 21, temperatures will be around 8 to 9 degrees Celsius, while by the end of March, maximum temperatures will reach over 20 degrees Celsius.”

“According to statistics, we had snowfall in April, so we can not say that there will be no snowfall, because according to statistics until April 10 for about 15 years we have recorded snow during the month. “But we have also recorded low temperatures which have been very harmful for the orchard field, because if the low temperatures continue, they will affect the decay of the flowers of the trees”, said Aliu.

Ali further spoke about the impact of low temperatures on flora and fauna.

“When the wheat is not covered with layers of snow, they affect the yield as they directly affect the wheat leaf, so the yield during the summer will be lower than expected,” said Aliu.

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