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Kinolli: Serbian List forced Serbs to vote for “Romania” initiative – Latest News

Kinolli: Serbian List forced Serbs to vote for

Albert Kinolli from the United Roma Party says that it was the Serbian List that orchestrated the votes for the “Romania” initiative. He says that by forcing Serbs to vote for this initiative, which he calls ‘phantoms’, Srpske claimed to have a large parliamentary group that enabled him to block any initiative.

“We have always competed and participated in local and parliamentary elections. “After 21 years, this phantom civic initiative based in Gracanica has emerged and has received 4,000 votes,” he said on the DPT show in Fidani.

“The Serb list has forced Serbs to vote because they want to have the largest parliamentary group with non-Serb minorities to block any initiative,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Kinolli showed that according to the Statistical Office of Kosovo in our country live about 10 thousand Roma.

Today, the appeal of the minority parties was approved, against Romani Iniciativa referring to the result of the February 14 elections. ECAP has decided to cancel them.

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