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Gili a lucky woman, here is what the gift gives her new

Gili is one of the singers who has a successful career and many hits, who have survived the time and are still heard with a lot of nostalgia.

She is one of the most beloved and sweet women of our variety.

Being a public face, there is no way not to comment on her private life, especially her reindeer relationship, her son’s girlfriend, Robert.

Herolina thanks to the Berani family is already known to the public and a name we often read in the pink media.

Gili and Herolina from social media posts seem to have wonderful relationships with each other, just as every girl would like to have with her mother-in-law, and vice versa.

Today, for March 8, Heronia gave a very beautiful gift to her mother-in-law, a bouquet of carefully selected flowers.

New for greed, right? / Kosovarja /

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