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KOK also awards 22 scholarships “Olympic Hope 2021” – Latest News

KOK awards 22 scholarships

February 24, 2021 – 14:35

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The Kosovo Olympic Committee will continue during 2021 to allocate from its budget the scholarship “Olympic Hope 2021”, writes the official website of the KOC.

Unlike 2020, where 10 scholarships were awarded, this time this number has gone to 22, while the beneficiaries will be athletes aged 15 until the moment when they have turned 21 years old.

The 22 athletes come from 16 different Olympic federations, including all team federations, Zeri.info reports.

Based on their achievements during 2020, the Executive Board of KOK has divided the scholarship holders into three groups, while they will benefit amounts in the amount of 100 to 150 Euros per month, throughout the year 2021.

In addition, the KOC last week selected 10 other scholarship holders “Olympic Hope 2021”, who will benefit from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the amount of 150 Euros per month.

Athletes who will receive scholarships such as “Olympic Hope 2021” from KOK:

Value 150 Euros per month

1. Eda Zeqiri (not)

2. Vesa Ibrahimi (karate)

3. Arbër Kullashi (judo)

4. Bashkim Bajoku (boxing)

5. Yllka Jashari & Melirona Avdullahi (volleyball) from 75 Euro

7. Kiana Kryeziu (skier)

125 Euros per month

8. Albina Deliu (athletics)

9. Fresk Sylhasi (tennis)

10. Olt Kondirolli (not)

11. Bleonit Bytyqi (wrestling)

12. Blerton Nuha (cycling)

13. Kreshnik Mahmuti (table tennis)

100 Euros per month

14. Albulena Guri (football)

15. Astera Tuhina (basketball)

16. Betim Idrizi (handball)

17. Arbnor Berisha (sports shooter)

18. Shega Hasani (table tennis)

19. Bleor Ivanja (triathlon)

20. Auron Syla (wrestling)

21. Edonit Telaku (sports shooter)

22. Lirije Peci (triathlon)


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