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Kosovar killed his wife out of jealousy over misinformation – Latest News

The Kosovar killed the woman out of jealousy over misinformation

The murder, in October 2020, of a woman by her husband, both Albanians from Kosovo, in addition to being macabre, was also committed on the basis of misinformation. Enraged by jealousy, HS (56) had killed his wife DS (47) with 14 stab wounds, writes br.de.

The Kosovar constantly believed that his wife was betraying him, reports albinfo.ch.

According to the statement he made before the prosecution, she was also not quite convinced of him.

As a result, there had been repeated acts of violence exercised by him.

In addition to the woman, he had also used violence against the common 19-year-old girl. For this reason, about a year and a half before the murder of the woman, after the attack on the girl as well, he was banned with both.

Only when he had admitted that his long-term jealousy was unfounded was he allowed to return to the shared apartment after ten days.

On October 8, 2020, DS had received two phone calls on her cell phone, from a number her husband did not know.

There had also been an attempt to call from the same number the night before.

HS had suspected that it was a rival and thus the dispute between them had erupted. According to the prosecutor, HS had decided to kill his wife. He perceived her alleged contacts with other men “as personal shame and a violation of honor”.

He then took a 21.5 cm long knife to the kitchen and struck his wife several times in the throat. Then, calmly, he went to the police, where he told the police: “I stabbed my wife, she is lying in the kitchen.”

He had also admitted everything in court. For his crime, HS faces life in prison for aggravated murder.

It was later ascertained that the calls on the woman’s cell phone came from her brother, who had received a new number. He just wanted to contact his sister.

The trial in the state court in Regensburg will take another four days. Spouses’s family members are expected to testify next week. The court ruling is scheduled for early August.

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