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Krasniqi: Exacerbated situation with COVID-19, over 80 percent of patients with oxygen therapy – Latest News

Krasniqi: Exacerbated situation with COVID-19, over 80 percent of patients with oxygen therapy

The large number of new cases of COVID-19 infected and the increasing number of hospitalized, have created a serious situation in the health system. Hospital capacities are almost limited, says in an interview for Radio Free Europe, the General Director of the University Hospital and Clinical Service of Kosovo, Valbon Krasniqi.

He adds that over 80 percent of patients with COVID-19 hospitalized in UCCK hospitals and clinics are being treated with oxygen therapy.

Krasniqi demands that measures be observed, such as wearing a mask, physical distance and personal hygiene. According to him, if these do not give their result, then other measures should be considered on how to reduce the curve of the infected.

Radio Free Europe: Mr. Krasniqi, Kosovo is recording a high number of new cases of COVID -19 every day. Fourteen deaths and 923 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Wednesday (March 31st). Is the pandemic situation getting out of control?

Valbon Krasniqi: In fact, this number is a record number in terms of new cases of infection. But, we have more than three weeks as Kosovo that we are recording a large number of new cases of infected that is being followed by a large number of hospitalized. This is showing that the measures are not being respected and this is being reflected in this large number of new cases. We are calling and insisting that the measures in force be respected, otherwise, this number is extremely large and very worrying, when we consider our capacity as a health system in general.

Vaccination of a large number of citizens takes months

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty: What can be done to control the spread of the coronavirus?

Valbon Krasniqi: Now the world and Kosovo have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year and we all know that the best measures to prevent the spread are what we have proclaimed for a year now: keeping mask, physical distance and personal hygiene.

It is now fortunate that Kosovo has finally received the first doses of the vaccine and vaccination has begun, first for health workers and then for the categories according to the vaccination plan, but until the vaccination of a large part of the population, we must definitely respect anti-COVID-19 measures.

We are aware that vaccination takes time and it will take several months for a larger number of our citizens to be vaccinated. We must definitely reduce this curve of the infected, because now they are seriously endangering the hospital capacity, which is on the verge of limit.

Radio Free Europe: What is influencing the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases?

Valbon Krasniqi: Any non-compliance with the measures will be reflected in the increase in the number of cases, mass accumulation is the most important factor in the spread of the virus. Then not wearing a mask, not keeping a physical distance, gatherings of any nature, starting from family ones to gathering premises in different environments, increases the number of cases with COVID-19.

The full interview can be found HERE

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