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Kurti: We are ahead of decisions that will define the energy sector in the coming decades – Latest News

Kurti: We are ahead of decisions that will define the energy sector in the coming decadesPhoto: ZKM

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, participated in the two-day conference on Fair Energy Transition.

Kuri says that the energy sector is vital in the development of the economy, and this development of the economy is a priority for the Government, reports Zeri.info.

“Given the popular trust that this government received in the last elections, as we have already said several times, the priority for us will be economic development, which is part of a fair and sustainable transition for the lives of citizens and overall progress. “We have a lot of work to do with deep reforms in various areas of our economy, while the energy sector for us must be transformed from an obstacle for the development of industries and the private sector, into a new empowering opportunity for them,” said the head. of the Government.

He stressed that he is confident that everyone together can plan and implement these reforms, following an appropriate model for Kosovo.

“This model must be in line with the context in which Kosovo finds itself and the steps it can take, as well as be in line with our vision towards membership in the European Union. So our joint venture takes into account the current situation towards the desired vision. Not a vision that ignores the context nor a context without a vision for the future, but, both: vision and context, to transcend the context and realize the vision. Kosovo, like many other small and developing countries, today finds itself in the middle of a global climate crisis caused by the sustainable and long-term non-planning of natural resources. Global crises, as well as the latter with the pandemic, have reminded us once again that the only solution for the good of all remains cooperation for our common cause. “We are together, so we can not plan separately or separately”, said further Kurti.

According to Kurti, as a state and as a country we are in the year when important decisions are expected to be made in the energy sector, decisions which will define this sector, not only for the next 10 years, but even more than that.

“Kosovo is in the phase of reviewing the Energy Strategy, drafting the plan for energy and climate, as well as reviewing the legislation in the field of energy. All of these initiatives will define our goals for the coming decades. Our goal is for the energy strategy to be well informed, applicable and with accurate and measurable objectives. Kosovo should not have a strategy that has been developed only to meet the legislative criteria, but a strategy well coordinated with all local and international actors that results in increasing living standards for all citizens of Kosovo. As we are at the service of the citizens, it is expected that this strategy in implementation will create many jobs, space for investment by facilitating the processes for new parties, to activate society through citizen participation in decision-making, and to create opportunities for benefit for citizens. , said Kurti at this conference.

“Coordination and joint work with all of you is more than necessary, given that Kosovo is not the only one that is going through such steps of transition, especially with the recovery from the pandemic. I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and read and hear about your work over the years. I can say with deep conviction that I am proud that the Government of Kosovo has partners who help in such important moments. I am happy to be among you and honored that you have given me the introductory speech of this conversation about energy and the direction that this sector can take towards the economic development and social progress of the Republic of Kosovo “, concluded Kurti. / Voice

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