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LDK MP: My aunt died due to power outage, was on oxygen therapy – Latest News

LDK MP: My aunt died due to a power outage, she was on oxygen therapy

LDK MP, Valentina Bunjaku said that her aunt has died due to power cuts that Kosovo is facing.

Bunjaku testified that her aunt was on oxygen therapy and being treated at home and as a result of the power outage she was left without oxygen thus causing her condition to worsen and losing her life.

“My aunt died two weeks ago, she was on oxygen therapy and she was at home, the electricity went out, until the first aid arrived, she could not stay without oxygen for a moment and your condition worsened and she died. . Yes, this happened because of the power outage, because the oxygen supply damaged his lungs even more, until we sent him to the hospital the next day, he died, maybe this is not the cause, but the doctors found out. “I am worried that if there was electricity, she would continue to live with the care of doctors, but the time until we took her to the emergency room, your condition has worsened even more”, said Bunjaku in Kanal10.

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