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LIVE SUPER LEAGUE: Feronikeli – Drita – Latest News

LIVE SUPERLIGA: Feronikeli - Drita

March 07, 2021 – 14:20

Latest news from the sport

Today (Sunday) will be the last match of the 23rd week in the Kosovo Super League in football, writes Zeri.info.

Feronikeli – Drita is the match that closes this week, a match which is expected to be very interesting.

Both teams will enter this match only for victory. “Nikli” is in the race for the highest position in the table, while “Intellectuals” are in the race for the title of champion.

The match starts at 13:30 and we will keep you informed about everything about this match.

Feronikeli – Drita 0: 0

45 ‘The first half ends with an equal result and no goals.

43′ Florian Smakiqi saves Feronikeli, awaits Almir Ajzeraj’s shot from a dul one against one.

30 ‘After half an hour of play, the result remains the same.

18′ Marko Milickovic shoots from inside the area, but Faton Maloku is waiting again.

10 ‘Bujar Pllana shoots from a distance, but waits for Faton Maloku.

8 ‘Erjon Vucaj shoots from inside the area, the ball goes over the goal.

4 ‘Yll Hoxha hero of the locals, removes the ball from the fatal line after hitting Almir Ajzeraj.

1 ‘The match starts.

Official formations:

Feronikeli: Smakiqi, Thaqi, Balde, Pllana, Hoxha, Dabiqaj, Malaj, Milickovic, Hoti, Da Silva, Simonovski. Kryetrajner: Klodian Duro.

Light: Maloku, Limani, Arago, Cuculi, Blakçori, B.Shabani, Namani, Vucaj, Ajzeraj, Haxhimusa, Xh.Shabani. Crypto trainer: Ardian Nuhiu.

Official formation in front of KF Feronikeli! Brdarovski, Gërbeshi and Rexha are missing due to injury. FC DRITAë

Posted by Drita FC on Sunday, 7 March 2021

Judges: Tefik Maloku, Bujar Selimaj, Besnik Morina, Burim Jahmurataj.

Stadiums: “Rexhep Rexhepi” – Drenas.


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