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WHO thwarts EU plans: No vaccination passport, immunity doesn’t final

The World Health Organization has serious reservations about the EU Commission’s plan for a “digital vaccination passport against Covidi-19”.

The WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, told the daily Die Welt that he was not sure how long the immunity would last after vaccination against the coronavirus. The WHO therefore rejects the required vaccination booklets.

“We understand that governments are facing a political reality,” said the Belgian doctor, adding that the launch of these booklets, which have been announced for this summer, is “probably inevitable”.

“But this is not a WHO recommendation,” he added. The European Commission will present the draft law on the “digital green booklet” on March 17. It will record coronary vaccinations, COVID-19 disease and negative tests. The goal is to find a safe way to lift restrictions and travel to Europe. The technical conditions for this booklet are expected to be ready within three months so that vaccinated people can prove their immunization throughout Europe without the risk of counterfeiting.

Kluge expects the pandemic to end in about ten months. He assumes that 2021 will be another year with COVID-19, and that 2020 was as Terra Incognita puts it. “A year later we know a lot more. “That’s why I assume the pandemic will end in early 2022,” he said, adding that this did not mean the virus was gone, but it would no longer be a destructive intervention.

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