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LIVE SUPERLIGA: Balkans – Prishtina and Feronikeli – Llapi – Latest News

LIVE SUPER LEAGUE: Balkans - Prishtina and Feronikeli - Llapi

April 04, 2021 – 15:16

Latest news from the sport

Today (Sunday) will take place the next two matches within the 27th week in the Kosovo Super League in football, writes Zeri.info.

The main focus will undoubtedly be in Suhareka, where the two contending teams for the title, the Balkans and Pristina, will meet.

Suharekas are currently in second place with 55 points and with eventual victories would return to the top of the table, while the capital is positioned one place lower with 51 points.

The next match takes place in Drenas, between Feronikeli and Llap. Both teams are from the middle of the table and aim for a better positioning at the end of the season.

Both matches start at 15:00 and we will keep you informed about everything about them.

Balkans – Prishtina 0-0

14′ Endrit Krasniqi shoots hard from distance, but Ljujanovic waits and removes the ball at the end.

6′ Potoku tries from a distance, but waits without a problem Nika.

1′ Nis takimi.

Official formations:

Balkans: Ljuljanovic, Thaqi, Jashanica, Sinani, Potoku, Kuc, Korenica, Gripshi, Zeka, Hoxha, Daku. Crypto trainer: Bledi Shkëmbi.

Prishtina: Nika, B. Krasniqi, Dellova, Bekteshi, Mici, Boshnjaku, Lilaj, Zyba, E. Krasniqi, Abazi, Kryeziu. Crypto trainer: Zekirija Ramadani.

Feronikeli – Llapi 0-0

9′ Edon Sadriu endangers the locals’ goal, but the goalkeeper, Florian Smakiqi, saves a safe goal.

5′ Llapi replacement: Marijan Coric joins, Giacamo Nava leaves injured.

1′ Nis takimi.

Official formations:

Feronikeli: Smakiqi, Loshi, Malaj, Balde, Thaqi, Hoxha, Dabiqaj, Kojasevic, Milickovic, Maliqi, Simonovski. Crypto trainer: Klodian Duro.

Llapi: Nava, Musa, Monin, Krasniqi, Peposhi, Zeqiri, Al. Ramadani, Hoti, Aliu, Sadriu, Hyseni. Crypto trainer: Tahir Batatina.


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