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Lorik Cana reveals the Albanian habit that his wife cannot stand

Albanian customs are beautiful and foreign tourists happen to admire them.

For the fact that the provinces differ in Albania and each has their own traditions that it represents and brides are the ones who have to adapt, but how could an Italian bride fit ?!

For more than 10 years together, Lorik Cana’s wife must have been accustomed to the customs of Albanians, but there is something she does not understand and this is revealed to us by Lorik himself in the show “Out of Game” on Top News.

“When friends or family come to us and meet Monica, they generally ask her how she is, her family and Lorik ?!”

Here she is surprised when they ask about me while I am by her side at the moment and she thinks that they should ask me when I am there “Loriku confesses with a lot of laughter and humor…

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