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WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR DEAR GRANDMOTHERS! The very best service in a single place!

04. 05. 2021.

WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR DEAR GRANDMOTHERS! The best service in one place!

The Premium Lux Nursing Home is an exclusive home for the care and accommodation of the elderly. It is located in the center of Batajnica, at the address: Colonel Milenko Pavlović 1. With its architectural solutions, it is classified in the LUX category of homes for the elderly.

Dom Premium Lux is a type of hotel accommodation with an elevator and has single, double and multiple rooms with private bathroom and each of them is naturally lit. Our customers have at their disposal a beautifully landscaped garden for a stay in nature.

The building itself is divided into several units that allow residents to have an undisturbed rest in their rooms, pleasant moments in the company of their peers in the living room or a dignified meal in a pleasant dining room. In addition to a well-organized facility, the tenants have at their disposal a beautiful garden with lots of greenery, a place for walking and relaxing.

The home is built in three levels, and in order to enable users to move freely and activity, an elevator is available to them. For all those who want to start their daily walk from their room, there is also a staircase with handrails on both sides to ensure the safety of the occupants. The Premium Lux home is covered by video surveillance.

Rooms have:

  • private bathroom with shower
  • comfortable bed with quality mattress
  • bedside table
  • LED TV
  • phone (at user’s request)
  • SOS button to call staff
  • fire alarm
  • underfloor heating

A nutritionist and a professional chef take care of a healthy and balanced diet at the Premium Lux Home. The home kitchen prepares three main meals and two snacks according to the principle of home cooking, where delicious food is prepared with all the rules of a healthy diet. Every day, for each of the meals, at least two types of dishes are offered to satisfy the different tastes of the tenants. Nutrition in a nursing home can be adjusted if the needs of the users require it. Food is served in the dining room, and feeding assistance is provided for infirm and immobile users.

The Premium Lux home employs professional and friendly staff whose task is to enable tenants a healthy, active and dignified life.

Members of our team are:

Special attention is paid to the personal care and hygiene of the users, for which a team of caring and experienced nurses, caregivers and cleaners is in charge. Haircuts, shaving, hairdressing, pedicures and manicures are organized in agreement with the users and according to their needs.

In Premium Lux we organize various social activities and programs in order to provide the users of the home for the elderly with various contents that will animate and motivate each user of the home to be actively involved in the desired programs and spend their free time in the best way.

Social activities in the Premium Lux nursing home:

  • home user birthday celebrations
  • marking the baptismal feasts of the users
  • New Year’s, Christmas, Easter celebrations …
  • playing board games
  • marking social events
  • daily walks
  • organized excursions

Everyone’s right to privacy and intimacy is respected in the home. Our customers can, when they wish, be alone in their space or enjoy the company.

Spend a safe third age with us with friendly staff, constant care and medical supervision.

For more information contact us or visit or walk through our home with a virtual tour located on our website


Colonel Milenko Pavlovic 1
Batajnica, 11273

Contact phone:

069/ 728 – 728



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