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THE LAST SHOCK OF THE FLIGHT! GET READY FOR THE WEATHER SHOCK: In the course of subsequent week, there shall be a robust blow from KOŠAVA AND RAIN


In the middle of the next week, noticeably fresher and rainier, with a strong basket. What awaits us by the end of September and during the first decade of October?

Sunday is marked by sunny and real summer time, and the temperatures this afternoon in Serbia reach 31 ° C, in Belgrade it is 30 ° C. Today, there is a large temperature difference, between the minimum morning and maximum daily temperatures (amplitude) and in many areas it is about 20 degrees. In Smederevska Palanka this morning after 8 ° C, the current temperature is 31 ° C, therefore, 23 degrees higher, and in Ćuprija it is even 24 degrees higher and after the morning 7 ° C, it is currently 31 ° C, says Đurić.

How is Serbia under the influence of anticyclones and increased air pressure and sunny until the end of the day, and under the influence of a very pronounced altitude ridge and very warm, because from the south to the north of Europe flows a very warm air mass. As the anticlone is expected to weaken during the evening, and the ridge will begin to collapse due to the deepening of the valley from the northwest from the North Atlantic, during the evening and night in the north and northwest of Serbia, clouds are expected to increase. .

The sky over Serbia on Monday with significantly more clouds, and from the morning in the north there will be conditions for rain or showers with thunder. Due to significantly more clouds, air emissions will be significantly reduced, so morning temperatures will be significantly higher with values ​​in northern Serbia, Vojvodina and Belgrade up to 18 ° C, while in southern and southeastern Serbia the morning will still be cold due to brighter weather. at temperatures around 7 ° C.

As Serbia will be in the system of southwestern altitude current on Monday, the inflow of very warm air mass is expected, but unlike today’s sunny day, tomorrow’s high daily temperatures will be marked by cloudy weather. Maximum temperature on Monday from 26 to 30 ° C, in Belgrade up to 30 ° C.

In the middle of the day and in the afternoon in the west, and at the end of the day and during the evening in other parts of Serbia, heavier clouds with rain, showers and thunder are expected, with a noticeable drop in temperature, and south and southeast winds will turn to northwest.

By the way, during Monday, due to the presence of particles of desert sand from the Sahara, which previously reached us by the southern current from North Africa, “dirty” rain is expected during Monday, so it is recommended not to wash your vehicles.

In Serbia on Tuesday, cloudy and cooler with rain, showers and thunder. The maximum temperature will be from 20 to 25 ° C, in Belgrade up to 21 ° C.

Wednesday will be marked by dry and variable cloudy weather in the north and east of Serbia, while rain clouds will bring precipitation to the southern and western parts of Serbia. It will be rainy in most parts of Serbia on Thursday.

By the way, due to the anticyclone and high air pressure in the east and northeast and low air pressure and cyclone in the west of Europe, the air pressure gradient will be pronounced over Serbia, so the southeast wind is expected to increase at the end of the day on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday in the Košava area (Pomoravlje, Podunavlje, Vojvodina, Belgrade, Šumadija) a moderate to strong east and southeast wind will blow, in the south of Banat with storm surges. Kosava will also bring somewhat fresher air from the east, and due to its strong intensity, the subjective feeling will be even colder. Maximum temperature from Wednesday to Friday from 17 to 23 ° C, in Belgrade from 18 to 20 ° C. The average maximum air temperature for the last days of September is from 20 to 24 ° C, so we can conclude that the maximum temperatures will be above the average values ​​on Monday, then they will drop to normal on Tuesday, and during Wednesday and Thursday temperatures are expected for which degree is below average, notes Đurić.

Dry on Friday. For the next weekend, mostly sunny and warmer, with maximum temperatures around the average values ​​for the beginning of October, mostly from 19 to 23 ° C.

Otherwise, during the first days of October, a very strong cyclone will develop over the North Atlantic, so according to current forecasts, moderately warm and warm weather is expected during the first 7 to 10 days of October, with temperatures over 20 ° C, and around October 5 it would be warmest. values ​​and over 25 ° C, because the cyclone in its front part would condition the southern currents and the inflow of warm air mass to and through our area.

So, according to current forecasts, the last days of September will be marked by changeable and fresher weather, and the first decade of October by dry, stable and warm weather.

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