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LVV: Three deliberate misunderstandings from Besnik Bislim’s statement – Latest News

LVV: Three deliberate misunderstandings from Besnik Bislimi's statement

Vetëvendosje Movement spokesman, Arlind Manxhuka, said that Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi was misunderstood in three issues, regarding the dialogue held yesterday in Brussels.

Through a Facebook post, Manxhuka says that the Kosovo Police will continue to be present at the border crossings, only that the special unit will be replaced by KFOR.

According to him, the principle of reciprocity will remain in force and that CM license plates will continue to be illegal for Kosovo.

“Three deliberate misunderstandings from the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi: 1. At the border points will be the Kosovo Police, ie the STATE of Kosovo, only the Special Unit is replaced by KFOR; 2. The principle of reciprocity remains in force, as is done with Kosovo license plates will be done with those of Serbia; “CM license plates (Serbian acronym for the Municipality of Mitrovica) are no exception, they are and remain illegal for the state of Kosovo”, he wrote.

We emphasize that yesterday, the chief negotiator of Kosovo for dialogue, Besnik Bislimi, after yesterday’s meeting in Brussels with the Serbian team and the EU envoy for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, said that Kosovo has shown its readiness to support the efforts of the EU representative for dialogue towards finding an acceptable solution, while emphasizing that the Kosovo side has agreed on three points of the draft agreement

According to him, on Saturday, October 2, KFOR forces will be deployed at the border crossings Jarinje and Brnjak and a few hours after their deployment, will begin with the removal of barricades and at the same time with the relocation of the special unit of Kosovo police.

Whereas, the Serbian delegation stated yesterday that during the talks in Brussels no agreement was reached with Kosovo regarding vehicle license plates.

So today the talks are expected to continue between the two parties for license plates in Brussels. voice

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