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Malmo soccer participant missed his wedding ceremony due to the sport, his brother changed him

A teammate of Serbian football player Veljko Birmancevic revealed that he was represented at the wedding by his own brother and that the ceremony took place without him.

“My brother represented me at the wedding.” We got married on July 21st in Sierra Leone. But I wasn’t there, because Malmö asked me to come earlier,” Turey said, as reported by Swedish media.

The football player from Sierra Leone posted pictures from the wedding on social networks, and explained that they were taken earlier.

“We took pictures beforehand. So it looks like I was there, but I wasn’t. At the wedding itself, my brother replaced me, while my wife will live here with me. When it comes to the honeymoon, first we have to be champions,” said the “Malmo” striker.

This summer, Mohamed Buya Tourej arrived in “Malmo” from the Chinese “Henan”, and in the game against “Didelange” he entered the field from the bench and played ten minutes.

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