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Mega operation where 27 Albanians were arrested, how drugs were trafficked from Vlora – Latest News

Mega operation where 27 Albanians were arrested, as drugs were trafficked from Vlora

How did the international anti-drug operation take place in 3 countries where 55 people were arrested, including Albanians.

One of the persons who ended up in handcuffs was tracked early in the morning in Macerata, who has been sent to prison in Ancona. The drugs left Albania for Rome and then shipped throughout Europe, transported by courier on trains and buses.

An Albanian was arrested in Macerata who had recently been relocated from Rome. The man identified as PG, 27, is now in jail. He was part of an organization that imported medicines from Vlora.

Since the morning, the police had started simultaneously axing in some of the provinces of Rome, Brescia, Modena, Macerata, Genoa (Rapallo), Parma, Reggio Calabria (Cittanova) and in Germany (the city of Kothen) and in Albania (Vlora) the orders were executed. issued by the magistrate of the court of Rome at the request of Antifamias, who ordered the imprisonment of 55 persons. There are 52 men and 3 women, 27 Albanian citizens, 23 Nigerians, 4 Italians and 1 Gambian.

The first group, composed only of Albanians, imported large quantities of marijuana directly from Vlora and then collaborated with the Nigerians in Italy to distribute it in various European countries and of course in the Italian regions.

The second group consisted of three people from Nigeria, while the third organization consisted of eight people, also Nigerians, who received and bought quantities of marijuana from Albania which they then transported and traded throughout the national and European territory, having two logistics base in Rome through Melicucco and through Villafranca Tirreno.

In some cases, some of the suspects turned out to belong to 2 of the 3 associations under investigation at the same time.

The investigative activity started in April 2018 until April 2019, where during this period 83 subjects were arrested and a total of 481 kilograms of “marijuana” and 10 kg of hashish were seized and about 70 thousand euros were seized. The narcotics would have given them a profit of 2.5 million euros if sold on the street.

The marijuana landed on the shores of Apulia and then transported to the Italian capital in vacuum bags and wrapped in multiple layers of cellophane and duct tape, often having a different color to distinguish packages based on quantity, usually never less se 1 kilogram. /shekulli.al

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