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Mehaj praises the work of the KSF demining unit – Latest News

Mehaj praises the work of the KSF demining unitPhoto: Ministry of Defense

The Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, has inspected the unit of the KSF Demining Company engaged in the demining operation in the area of ​​the village of Seçishtë of Hani i Elezit.

Mehaj was introduced to the mission, tasks, organizational structure, personnel, equipment, training, as well as joint local and international exercises and operations.

He praised the “sacred task in saving lives, the culminating results achieved so far, the high degree of professionalism and demonstrated skills of the members of the demining company.”

In the end, Meha assured that in the capacity of Minister of Defense, he will provide all the commitment, dedication and maximum support for the successful implementation of the unit plan within their demining operations and disposal of unexploded ordnance.

KSF demining operations, except in the village of Seçishtë, in the same period are being carried out in three other areas as in Babaj Bokës of Gjakova, Varosh and Lirisë Park of Ferizaj.

Along with Mehaj was also the Deputy Commander of the KSF, Major General Enver Cikaqi, the Mayor of Hani i Elezit, Rufki Suma and MP Mirsad Shkreta. / Voice

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