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Mentor Shala apologizes to MP Doarsa Kica-Xhelili – Latest News

Mentor Shala apologizes to MP Doarsa Kica-Xhelili

Today was marked by a campaign against the Deputy General Director of RTK, Mentor Shala, as a result of a Facebook status by the latter.

Shala used a language that for many is considered sexist and unacceptable to the member of the Assembly of Kosovo, Doarsa Kica-Xhelili, calling her “beautiful”. He even invited her for lunch or dinner.

His statement came after the LVV MP, Kica-Xhelili, last night in a TV appearance, said that the public television of Kosovo stopped broadcasting live by the Parliamentary Commission for Media, at the moment when there was talk about Shala, reports Zeri.info.

And for Shala’s reaction there was a lot of criticism today.

However, the deputy director of RTK only a short time ago chose to address all those who criticized him again through Facebook, expressing his surprise at how the word “beautiful” can be considered an insult.

He apologized to MP Doarsa Kica-Xhelili, although he expressed his surprise that she did not react at all.

“If you tell someone lovely and invite him for lunch or dinner is an insult and unacceptable language, then I’m sorry we got there as a friend! “If Doarsa is offended by this invitation and compliments, I apologize, but I did not see any reaction from her”, said Shala in this post.

Finally, he had a message for someone. “I wish you luck and happiness to the FAKE bands of fcb …”. / Voice

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