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More than 4 million euros that political parties represented in the Assembly of Kosovo receive each year from the state budget, do not cover the large expenses they make only during election campaigns, say representatives from the Democratic Institute of Kosovo and the Organization for Democracy, Anti -Corruption and Dignity “Get up”.

In the budget of 2021, the financing of political parties is under the program “Fund for support of political parties”, the economic category of subsidies and transfers in total has a value of 4,200,000 euros.

The amount of funds for financing the activities of political entities is based on the representation of the number of seats won in the Assembly for one term.

But, political parties are also financed from other sources, mainly from businesses, says for Radio Free Europe, the director of the non-governmental organization “Çohu”, Arton Demhasaj.

“It is being noticed that there are big expenses in the media, in social networks, in advertisements and on billboards that are being placed in cities. In the past, we measured the expenses of the political parties and based on the measurement we made at that time, it turned out that the political parties spent twice as much as they declared to the CEC “, says Demhasaj.

However, the representatives of some political parties in Kosovo do not agree with this.

Lutfi Zharku from the Democratic League of Kosovo says for Radio Free Europe that the election campaign is being financed by the funds allocated to them annually from the state budget and that the declaration of expenditures for this campaign will be made after the elections.

Vetëvendosje Movement spokesman, Përparim Kryeziu, told Radio Free Europe that the main and main sources of funding are the Fund for Democratization of Political Entities within the budget of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as membership fees and voluntary donations from legal entities. and physics.

“VV has always been transparent in terms of its finances, submitting financial reports, whether annual or election campaigns, on time and making them public regularly on its website. We will act the same this time as well “, declares Kryeziu.

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