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Minister Rizvanolli will visit “Hidrodrini” tomorrow after the mass poisoning in Deçan – Latest News

Minister Rizvanolli will visit

Minister Artane Rizvanolli reported to the Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade on the plan of the Ministry of Economy for 2021.

Part of this discussion was the situation with poisoning in the municipality of Deçan which is suspected to have come as a result of water poisoning, although the relevant institutions are awaiting the results of water analysis.

The Basic Prosecution of Peja has announced today that they are investigating two cases of death in this municipality, if they are related to the mass poisoning that is suspected to have affected about 1000 citizens.

PDK MP, Ferat Shala, expressed his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in Deçan and asked Minister Rizvanolli if there is an unlicensed public water operator in the territory of Kosovo.

Minister Rizvanolli also expressed condolences and concern for the families affected by the poisoning case.

She also said that they will go to the field, saying that if it is the release of the company “Hidrodrini”, they will take steps within the mandate of the Ministry.

“We will continue to be in touch to continue to learn what happened. We are interested to know if there was any omission in the management of the company ‘Hidrodrini’. Analyzes are being carried out and tomorrow I will visit the company to see its work closely. “If there is an omission, we as the minister will take measures to prevent it from happening in the future”, she said.

MP Shala has asked the Minister of Economy about a water plant in the north of the country, which says it is supplied by Lake Ujman, but does not bill anything.

“Do you have information that a factory supplies a large part of the north, is supplied by Lake Ujman and does not bill. “A water factory in Zubin Potok that is supplying the northern part, where it is carrying out the analyzes”, Shala asked.

Whereas Rizvanolli, without wanting to talk about the concrete case, said that this is a complex problem, but that they will do their best for equal supply of water to all citizens.

“There we face problems inherited and traced for 20 years. I can tell you that we will do our best for the situation with the water supply to be treated and to have an equal supply. This is a very complex problem which I do not believe should be a topic of discussion for today “, stressed Minister Rizvanolli.

Shala, on the other hand, wanted an accurate answer as to whether or not she was informed about this case. While here the deputy of VV, Armend Muja intervened, who said that this is not the responsibility of the ministry but of the Water Regulatory Authority.

AAK MP, Pal Lekaj said that he is sorry that there was no reaction from the Government for the case in Deçan.

“This must be punished by the citizens and those who want the good of the citizens and their health,” he said.

Lekaj also asked the minister if she accepts the Washington Agreement.

“Where did you reach with the Washington agreement, did you read it, do you accept it as a Government or do you have a different opinion?” Lekaj asked.

The Minister stressed that they have received the opinion of the Government regarding the Washington Agreement. / eo

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