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Nearly 12 thousand vaccinated with the third and reinforcing dose, calls on citizens to be vaccinated

Only two doses of vaccine can not protect against the Omicron variant, so the country is calling for vaccination with the third or booster dose.

So far the number of those vaccinated with the first dose is 98,547, while the number of those vaccinated with both doses is 78.2697.

But it has been a few weeks since the third dose and the booster of the antiCOVID-19 vaccine started to be given in the country.

Number of tertiary doses administered 2,093, while number of booster doses administered 9,855.

Otherwise, a day ago the infectologist Hamdi Ramadani told the Telegraph that the Omicron variant together with the seasonal flu can greatly aggravate the epidemiological situation in the country in just a few weeks.

Ramadani said that the introduction of this variant of the virus was inevitable in Kosovo, given that it has already spread throughout the world.

He called on citizens to take the third dose of the antiCOVID vaccine, to protect themselves from Omicroni. / Telegraphy /

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