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New investigation for “January 6” in the US, consensus reached for the investigative commission – Latest News

New investigation for

May 14, 2021 – 23:38

Democrats and Republicans in the United States House of Representatives reached an agreement to form a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Democrat representative Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, and Republican John Katko said they would present in the coming weeks the draft for setting up the investigative panel, modeled after the one used to investigate the 9/11 attacks.

For Democrats, the January 6 attack is a complex issue and has national significance, and therefore needs an independent commission to investigate.

While the Republicans, in their stance argued that the Capitol Hill complex remains a target for extremists and the issue is about facts and not political positions.

Hundreds of Trump supporters raided the building housing the U.S. Congress and Senate on Jan. 6, when Joe Biden was winning the presidential election.

They clashed with police and forced U.S. lawmakers to leave for security reasons after smashing the windows of the building. The acts of violence left behind 5 dead, including a police officer.

Shortly before the riots, then-President Trump delivered a scathing speech alluding that his loss in the November election was a result of vote rigging, a claim that has been denied by some judicial institutions, election officials and members of his administration ./Euronews.al

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