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No prisoners infected with COVID-19 in Kosovo – Latest News

No prisoners infected with COVID-19 in Kosovo

Prison officials have shown procedures on how inmates are admitted to detention centers and pandemic management.

As a young prisoner he is going through admission procedures.

These procedures also include a health examination performed by prison staff.

He is then being instructed on extra care during the pandemic, during his stay behind bars.

And in the case of a prisoner showing symptoms of covi-19, then on the recommendation of a doctor they are tested in the NIPHK.

While in general, there are about 160 people who have been tested for covid-19 during this year.

Quarantine for all new residents has been used as a preventive measure against the spread of covid-19 inside prisons.

According to the director of the Detention Center in Prishtina, the management in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus also has its merits.

Thanks to this work of this staff, they are also satisfied in the Kosovo Correctional Service.

Although no prisoner is infected with covid-19, there are still 6 KCS officials who are currently infected with covid-19.

These officials who do this work in prisons are exposed to the risk of infection, but they are not included in the list of allowances shared by the government of Kosovo./t7

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