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No vaccines for Kosovo in February – Latest News

There are no vaccines for Kosovo in February

Despite claims that the country will be supplied with 100,800 COVID-19 vaccines by COVAX this month, this is expected to be delayed. Express learns that Kosovo is not on the list of the first countries to be supplied with these vaccines.

The acting Minister of Health, Armend Zemaj, had stated that during February Kosovo will be supplied with vaccines against COVID-19 by COVAX.

Despite the fact that we are at the end of February, Kosovo has not yet received any dose of vaccine.

Express has learned that Kosovo is not included in the countries which will be supplied with vaccines this month.

The supply will take place during March, but it is likely that even at the beginning of this month we will not receive any dose of vaccine.

Spokesmen for the Gavi Vaccines Alliance have told Express that COVAX is forecasting that most of the first round of supplies will take place in March.

From this alliance have said that some deliveries to the countries that have met the criteria will be made at the end of February.

“COVAX predicts that most of the first round of deliveries will take place in March, with some early deliveries for those who have already met the criteria outlined in our joint statement, which will be made in late February. “More information about these first deliveries will be communicated to all participants and will be published online this week,” the newspaper said.

The Ministry of Health did not provide information on the supply of vaccines, although days ago they told the newspaper that UNICEF has announced that during these days the countries beneficiaries of COVAX will receive information about the next steps and the allocation time frame. of the vaccine.

As for the Pfizer vaccine, the institutions in the country do not have any confirmation when the vaccine can be supplied.

Unlike many other countries which have already started vaccinating the population, Kosovo has not yet received even one dose of the vaccine.

So far, 67 thousand and 8 people have been infected with coronavirus in the country.

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