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Nobody knew that this singer is the brother of Alban Skënderaj

Alban Skënderaj is one of the most famous Albanian singers and very successful.

However, it seems that we knew very little about his family and here we are not talking about Miriam and their daughter, whom we know.

We are talking here about his brother, who is also a singer.

Albani himself introduced him, saying that he is not the only talented person in his family, but his brother Arbëri has a wonderful voice.

Albani writes on Instagram:

This is Arber Skenderaj, my brother.

He has lived in Italy for many years and is almost 42 years old.

And he like me since childhood who has had a passion for music even though he has had another profession for years.

We started it together and he was by no means less talented than me.

The not easy circumstances make him not continue and why my family and I have been asking for him for years.

Finally he decided to realize and publish a song just for passion.

Although for the first time and without any experience he did everything himself! With his forces! Not even a support from me! The lyrics, the singing, the production and even the modest video he made himself without showing me anything.

That he has always been so, altruistic and hardworking towards everything he wanted to achieve himself.

I am very proud of him for finding the courage to try himself but above all that he managed to bring out a painful dedication from the soul force that I still do not find in myself.

I love you very much brother and I wish music to be your friend for life.

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