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ZOLJOM REMOVED THE APPLE! The video from the Serbian marriage ceremony is circulating on the Web, EVERYTHING COULD END TRAGICALLY! Video

It is not known where and when the recording was made, but it is currently a hit in central Serbia. Trumpeters playing “Djurdjevdan” can be heard in the background, and considering that this is an authentic Serbian custom, it is certain that it originates, if not from Serbia, then from the region where Serbs inherit this custom.

As the experts commented, the action from the video is very dangerous.

– If he hit a tree holding an apple, he would kill people. It is a cumulative rocket that has a piezo generator on top. When it is activated, a cumulative jet appears and it could fall among the people. And luckily he is firing from this angle. Had he kept it a little lower the fire would have fried the people behind him – says the security expert.

For this custom, ethnologists say that its essence is completely different and has nothing to do with competing as to who is better at aiming. According to experts, the goal of this custom is actually to make noise, because it was believed that it removes demons. This is how people used to shout, whistle, sing loudly and shout, and all that was in the same service of dispersing demons.

On the other hand, it is believed that one of the oldest Serbian customs is when an apple is placed on the highest point in the yard, branch or roof of the house, if there is no tall tree so that the groom can prove his abilities. And that by firing from a rifle, in order to show the young people that he is capable of guarding and protecting his wife and future family. If he doesn’t manage to “take off” the apple from the first one, he hits it until he hits it, because until he succeeds, he can’t pick up the bride.

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