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“Trauma, not a game”, high schools in Prishtina protest on Wednesday after the sexual assault on a minor

Following reports of sexual assault on a minor at the Faik Konica School in Pristina, the capital’s three main gymnasiums will hold protest marches.

The march will be held on Wednesday from 14:30, starting from Zahir Pajaziti Square and marching to the building of the Municipality of Prishtina.

The announcement was made through a press release sent to the media.

Full press release:


Dear high school students, primary school students, friends, media, citizens of Prishtina.

After yesterday’s news, which shocked all of us, in the case of sexual harassment of a minor, by two other minors, all students of the school “Faik Konica”, as students of the three main high schools in the city, “Sami Frashëri ”, Xhevdet Doda, and“ Ahmet Gashi ”, we have decided to organize on Wednesday the protest march“ TRAUMA, NO GAME ”, with a meeting point at the square“ Zahir Pajaziti – Grandi ”, and a march to the square of the Memorial, to the building of Municipality of Prishtina.

Yesterday’s video reveals the low level in which we have fallen as a society, and the high need that our society has for raising awareness in relation to the phenomenon of sexual harassment.

On Wednesday, at 14:30, dear students and high school students in Prishtina, girls and women of our city, honorable citizens and media, WE PROTEST TOGETHER TO SQUARE “ZAHIR PAJAZITI”, with distance and masks, respecting the rules of the pandemic.

We protest for our daughters and wives, for our sisters and mothers, we protest because it is “TRAUMA, NOT GAME”.

Thank you.

President of the School Youth of the Gymnasium “Sami Frasheri” – Ene Aliu

President of the School Youth of the Gymnasium “Ahmet Gashi” – Ismet Krasniqi

Representative of the school youth of the Gymnasium “Xhevdet Doda” – Lendina Balaj

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