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Norway eases some antiCOVID-19 restrictions within the Oslo area

Some restrictions applied last month in the largest region of Oslo to stop an explosion related to the COVID-19 variant discovered in the UK will be lifted, the Norwegian government announced today.

“The government’s decision will take effect on Thursday,” said Health Minister Bent Hoie.

In January, the government ordered the temporary closure of shopping malls, as well as gyms, swimming pools and sports centers in the Oslo region, following the outbreak of the British variant of the coronavirus, which is considered the most contagious, reports ATSh.

Grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations were excluded from closures.

Hoie stressed that measures across the country will continue to remain in place.

Norway, a country of 5.3 million people, has registered about 66,800 cases of infection and 593 virus-related deaths.

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