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Nushi: Youth Palace and 13 lodges in “Gërmi” ready for patients with COVID-19 – Latest News

Nushi: Youth Palace and 13 lodges in

Deputy Mayor of Prishtina, Muhedin Nushi said that this municipality is ready to turn the Palace of Culture, Youth and Sports “Adem Jashari” into a center for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 with nearly 400 beds, if the situation with coronavirus escalates.

Moreover, for EO he stated that 13 more lodges in the park of “Germia” have been offered in the service of the Ministry of Health.

Nushi said that in the next two weeks there will be an increase in cases with Covid-19, adding that such a situation will create problems, but emphasizes that this municipality is prepared for the deterioration of the situation.

“The number which is increasing day by day and this as a reason for the electoral campaign that we had but also as another reason is the non-compliance with the measures by the NIPHK, the non-compliance with the measures by the citizens because it does not “Masks are being made, social distance is not being respected and we believe that in the next two weeks there will be a continuous increase in numbers”, he said.

“This will cause trouble and problems within the Municipality of Prishtina and Kosovo in general due to the impossibility of management. The Municipality of Prishtina is also prepared to escalate the situation in the sense that we have 13 lodges in Gërmia Park and which we have offered in the service of the Ministry of Health, but we have also prepared the Palace of Culture “Adem Jashari”, and which can be adjusted in a very short time for close to 400 beds “, he said.

The number of infections with the Covid-19 virus has increased in Kosovo. Nushi says that in case of escalation, the possibility of turning hotels into quarantine centers should be considered.

He further appeals to citizens to respect preventive measures for the spread of Coronavirus.

“Therefore we are ready to help the NIPHK in case of escalation of the situation to take into account the possibility of engaging hotels which so far in most countries have been taken as options for quarantining citizens,” he said.

“We are already in the third wave and I ask the citizens to respect the measures so that we do not get into a situation of not managing the situation, if it escalates, there will be no capacity for either the UCCK or the municipality of Pristina to manage. If we continue with these numbers then it can cause major problems in infecting health personnel. “I hope we will not return to LockDown”, concluded the deputy mayor of Prishtina.

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